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I had failed several driving tests. This was my first time applying for a real German Driver license and passport with MDL. It was very simple and they worked with us to resolve any issues quickly, even missing or misplaced documents and we received our passports and driver's License when promised. Tremendously fast services Guys. Super happy!!! Jurgen Neuer D. Augsburg,Germany
German driver's license testimonial
Jurgen Neuer D.
Crespo A.
Crespo A.
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Hi, I was surprised when you said you produce Schengen -Visa. I placed my order and paid my money with skepticism but to my greatest surprises, everything went smooth and I am now in Germany via my German Visa. See, there are many people that I know are desperately looking for your services. I will inform them all and will recommend or even help you advertise your service. You guys are just soo awesome. Crespo A. San Antonio City, CA
First I thought it was a scam. Everything happened so fast. I was once cheated of 5,000 euros elsewhere. I then decided to have a last try at MDL. Good heavens, they produced my Swedish drivers license in just 3 days. I later went to the Transportstyrelsen office to check and it was registered! Just like magic!!! Today my husband and my son finally got Swedish passport & Romanian drivers license here. Thank you guys! Hug!!!
Swedish drivers license testimonial
Anisha Forsberg
George T.
George T.
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I got my EU Passport and am now traveling within Europe like i own it. Thanks a lot. I recommended your services to some 5 friends of mine and they called me to inform me that they got their passports and everything was genuine. So they will also travel to meet me here in France. On their behalf, i say Thank you for your services. George T. Paris, FR. George T.
I grew up knowing how difficult it was to obtain a German driver's license. I tried but failed severally. I got old and was ashamed to retake the driving tests. I came to MDL and they gave me hope. They got me a registered German drivers license Class B without any exam in just 3 working days. I can't thank them enough. I'll give them a 5.
Testimonial on German driver's license
Khazi Abi
Stephanie Barnes
Stephanie Barnes
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Hello, Please try to be faster next time. I ordered a Canadian residence permit- Green card and land certificate from you guys. Apparently, you took longer than expected. I'm happy though I got to receive my documents. Keep up the good work!
I just wish to say thank you guys. Am now a full EU citizen. I now have my EU Passport(Belgium), Birth Certificate, Id Card and Driver's License. I may need some other documents from you. So i will definitely contact you again. Thanks a lot. Rita G. Brussels, BG.
Rita G.
Business Woman
I had searched for where to get a Pilot license and Boat license online to no avail. Thanks to MDL who are the only ones providing this services. They are awesome! I now use the Private Pilot license I obtained here freely. I'm gonna give you a 4.5 star rating! Can't give you all 5 though...hahahaha!
Jim Moreno
Private Pilot
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