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10 ways to buy full US citizenship without being born in USA

Want to buy full Citizenship for USA online in just 5 days? You’re definitely at the right place. Here at MDL, we offer you several ways of obtaining the full US citizenship. We drill you and hence provide a clear pathway for obtaining this. After this, we highly advice you to order your citizenship certificate from us and get your documents in just 5 working days.

-USD 900,000 or USD 1,800,000 (EB-5 investor 2019 changes from Nov 21)

-World’s most popular immigrant investor program

-Business investment with job create in major urban or rural US cities.

-Residency by investment (Green card permanent resident status)

-Qualifying investments (business venture, real estate projects, other investments that create jobs through regional centers)

-US Citizenship after 5 years of uninterrupted living

-Live anywhere in the US.

-Must live permanently in the US, not absent for more than 3 months.

-US imposes taxes on worldwide income to EB5 investors

-Processing time anywhere 15-18 months.

-Family and children qualify for green card.

How to Obtain Citizenship through us for USA and other Countries

We offer 3 types of Citizenship for USA. It’s either by just getting a US Passport, getting a Complete US Citizenship or by providing an EB-5 investor visa.

To begin with, you can purchase a US citizenship through us via the EB-5 investor visa. We make this possible even if you don’t have all the minimum investment funds.The EB-5 investor visa offers permanent U.S. residency and eventually citizenship when a person invests between US$500,000 and US$1-million in a new commercial enterprise that produces at least 10 full-time jobs.

We provide US Citizenship with your preferred details and a clean record in the database system. Your citizenship is obtained via Naturalization and it is genuinely processed just like any other citizenship processed by the Department of State. Alternatively, we can get you a second passport which in this case is a registered US passport.

Complete US Citizenship is for people who want to legally live and work in the Country as a complete citizen with all legal documents and rights to citizenship. The complete citizenship is you getting the complete Citizenship of USA with all supporting documents such as Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, Social Security and Citizenship certificate. ​ Order now, a citizenship certificate and become a full US citizen.

With this complete citizenship, we provide you all documents and you don’t have to go to the authorities to apply for any document because we shall provide you all complete supporting documents that any citizen of the Country would need. And you will have all legal rights to renew these documents after they expire. Buy full US citizenship online in just 5 days now

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