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If you’ve been an expat living in Germany for several years, you might be able to apply for German citizenship. It’s usually fairly difficult to gain German citizenship as a foreigner. Buy all documents for German citizenship online easily here. Here, we limit all these protocol and get you German citizenship in less that 14 working days. Our prices for citizenship are also awesome.

How to order German Citizenship online as a foreigner

There are several ways to gain German citizenship when you contact us. You can buy a German passport from us, Order a legal German driver’s license, buy a german residence permit and order a German ID card to gain this citizenship. So these are documents you can order from us to gain this citizenship

Four of the other 5 ways to get it in Frankfurt as expat

How do I get German citizenship?
Anyone wishing to apply for German citizenship must meet a number of strict requirements. There are three ways to obtain German citizenship:

By naturalization
You have lived in Germany for at least eight years without interruption and meet all the other requirements listed below. Have you lived less than 8 years in Germany and need citizenship? Contact us now let us help you normalize and accomplish this for you!!! Buy all documents for German citizenship online.

By descent principle
You are the direct descendant of a German parent (either mother, father or both). In order to qualify for this type of German citizenship, your birth must be registered with the German diplomatic mission in your country of birth within one year.

According to land law (place of birth principle)
You were born to non-German parents within the German borders. At least one parent must have been a permanent resident of Germany for at least eight years and have the necessary permits for permanent residence in Germany. After turning 18, you have five years to decide whether you want German citizenship or your parents’ citizenship.

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