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You must be a non EU citizen and want a visa for one of the EU countries, right? Every person wishing to enter the Schengen Area, under whatever purpose, might be subject to a visa regime, depending on his or her nationality. We just help you get this visa the fatest way you can think of.

If you have never been to Europe before, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself “Do I need a visa to Schengen Area?” Currently, more than 60 countries around the world can enter Europe visa-free zone without the need to obtain a visa first, and remain there for 90 days within a six-month period. Read more on Schengen visa in just 5 days

The application process to obtain a European visa is mandatory for your freedom of movement in this area. Therefore, you should be very careful when lodging your Schengen visa application. If you need to apply for a visa to Europe, proceed here .

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